Manastash Ridge Radar

The Manastash Ridge Radar

The Manastash Ridge Radar is a bistatic passive radar system that uses commercial FM broadcasts as a signal source. The system is designed to operate between 88 and 108 MHz in frequency with data collection using multiple receivers synchronized using the Global Positioning System. The radar's function is the study of density irregularities in the ionosphere, primarily those associated with the auroral electrojet. The system may also be used to track aircraft, meteor trails, and other phenomenon.

Custom Signal Processor Development

 SPIIR   is a custom signal processor for enabling real time operation of MRR. Using a pipelined architecture with an array of functional units, we can meet its enormous processing requirement. Our long-term goal is to develop a low-cost signal-processing IC that will enable real-time multi-receiver bistatic radar imaging.  Currently, we are building a prototype processor on commercial PCI boards that supports the two-receiver system, at moderate bit resolution.

Phase Locked Frequency Synthesizer

MRO Antennas

Network Design

Estimation Detection

Scattering Theory


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